About the classes

I have recently moved to Budapest, Hungary. For information about future classes, please visit my website in March, 2017 or send me an email.


Viktoria Kocsis - certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, Somatic Yoga trainer and Birthlight pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher



About somatic yoga

Everybody can find his or her own perfect inner alignment in yoga postures. No teacher or book can give or replace this knowledge. Alignment will appear by establishing a better connection to ground and space. By opening our senses to orientate, to give as much as to receive through them. By learning to be present in our inner and outer world at the same time. By noticing where our presence is. Then slowly the yoga postures will evolve themselves, effortless. And the breath will flow naturally.

Everybody can take this relearned orientation with him or her into daily life. Less effort and lighter breath may follow healthier orientation. Then our relationship with the world might start changing.

This all sounds simple but the path there is very challenging. We need to learn to switch off our brain and instead of thinking, learn to sense without labeling, to give and receive. Instead of doing, learn to be and let the movement happen.

This is how I would describe the process of embodiment. And this is what I allow you to experience in my somatic yoga classes. The word somatic means embodied and somatic yoga describes the embodied way to practice traditional yoga.

About pregnancy yoga

During my pregnancy, perfectly timed, I followed the Birthlight Prenatal Training with Francoise Barbira Freedman. It was a wonderful opportunity to deepen understanding what we need during the different stages of pregnancy, how labor can be a natural and non-violent experience, and how to sound and breathe out a new life. After that, how to take care of ourselves, close our pregnancies, and carry on in our lives as a content mother and woman.

Based on the Birthlight principles, I am offering yoga classes that include different breathing methods, sounding, dynamic and fluid exercises, relaxation, birth preparation and mothering for women and babies. Your special needs will also be addressed.

About me

Viktoria Kocsis

In my intuitive yoga journey, right after I moved from Budapest to Amsterdam in 2003, I chose to try classes at yogayoga. And I stayed there. I learned there a relevant method on how to build a more nurturing and supporting relationship with the environment I am living in, with the people I meet. This method is the somatic yoga work of Leo Peppas. This somatic work became my own journey. And I have been passing it on since 2006.

Besides Leo's work, the yoga dance classes of Eva Galik, the yoga flow and meditation classes of Sandra Kirchner, the Rolfing movement workshop by Giovanni Felicioni and attending and assisting in several workshops of Donna Farhi were also determining moments on my yogic path.

Pregnancy yoga also came along on my journey by chance. When I subscribed to the Birthlight pregnancy and post-natal yoga training, I did not know yet that I was carrying a new life. The training of Francoise Barbira Freedman arrived at the perfect moment: I was 15 weeks pregnant with my daughter, Zsofi. I completed the training with post-natal classes when Zsofi was one year-old. Francoise was a wonderful, warm hearted and knowledgeable mentor in this unique period. I have been teaching pregnancy and post-natal yoga since 2009.